About us



Comox Valley Funeral Home and Island Funeral Services is a Canadian independent, locally owned company, with no chain affiliation. We operate a crematorium and two funeral home locations on north central Vancouver Island, Comox Valley Funeral Home, Cremation and Reception Centre in Courtenay and Island Funeral Services/Elk Falls Crematorium and Reception Centre in Campbell River.

As independent funeral providers we would like to assure you that all our decisions are made locally. We are proud to provide the Comox Valley and Campbell River with the highest level of professional funeral, cremations and burial services.

We have a long term commitment to our north central Vancouver Island community. When you need us, we’ll be here for you and your family.

It’s important to know who you’re working with, and that you can talk directly to the owners at any time.


The most common misconception about cremation is that choices of ceremonies are limited. In fact, with cremation, there are actually more choices available than with burial. We offer over 20 variations, some of which you may not have considered. Earth burial, above-ground entombment in a “niche wall”, scattering or keeping the urn at home are all individual choices.


The variety of cremation urns we offer reflects each of these preferences. We have on display many choices of artistically designed cremation urns, including small “keepsake” designs, as well as many new bio-degradable urns and made from recycled and earth-friendly materials, some, engineered to float on water before descending gracefully.


Our selection of memorial record books for guests to express their condolences and specially created memorial folders for family and guests, provide a beautiful and lasting tribute, for each family we serve.


When you take the time to help us create a memory filled ceremony for the person who has died, a “Celebration of Life” DVD presentation capsulating his or her life, becomes a key point of how we say goodbye. Our video producer will collect your photos, slides or computer generated images, creating a memory that will not only be the focal point of your ceremony but will remain a priceless keepsake for family and future generations to share forever!


Unlike many other parts of Canada, Vancouver Island enjoys reasonably mild winters, which does not affect installation of cemetery markers. Simply give us a call or come by at your convenience and see our many samples, in a variety of colours. Selecting a granite or bronze marker provides for so much more creativity and personalization than you may have thought. New laser technology can allow for as unique or as traditional a concept as you wish. As well, delivery is quick and we’ll arrange with the cemetery for placement when it arrives! We’re pleased to take whatever time is required to ensure that your choice is exactly as you want.


The urn containing the cremated remains will be returned to you or the party you have designated. If you and/or other family members have not already decided on a final resting place for the cremated remains, you may wish to consult with us on the many options available.

Options Include:

INTERMENT of the urn containing the cremated remains in a burial plot at a cemetery. (Please check with us for specific cemetery requirements.)

NICHE WALL PLACEMENT of the urn containing the cremated remains in a secured granite columbarium niche wall above ground.

SCATTERING of the cremated remains in a scattering garden especially created and dedicated to this purpose.

The urn may of course be taken to the home of a loved one but plans should be made for an eventual permanent resting place.

With any of these choices permanent memorialization in the form of a bronze or granite plaque or marker provides a place for those who wish to remember and celebrate a life lived. Permanent memorialization provides a link from generation to generation and a special place that family and friends know will always be there to mark forever a special life lived.

Should you presently have cremated remains of a family member or have not made arrangements for them to be interred or scattered in an area designed for permanent memorialization, contact us at 250-334-0707 or 250-287-3366 to discuss how we can help you with final closure through one of the many options we provide.