During our lives we plan for many situations: education, weddings, family and especially retirement. We also purchase insurance to help us in situations that may happen. However, many of us neglect to plan our funeral.

Pre-planning funeral services lets our survivors know our wishes and helps our families through their time of bereavement.

There are many benefits to pre-planning. You are able to make rational and logical decisions that may be difficult for your loved ones during time of grief and stress. You ensure that your wishes will be known and will be carried out as specified, giving you peace of mind. You have the opportunity to discuss options with us and also with your family and friends.

Preplanning is free and versatile. At Comox Valley Funeral Home and Island Funeral Services, Cremation and Reception Centre there is no membership fee or filing charge. Our plan is also transferable should you leave the area.

Preplanning guarantees costs at today’s prices, eliminating inflation and alleviating any financial burden on your survivors. You can select services and merchandise according to your wishes and financial means, pre-paying for the services you choose either in full or by installments.

For more details regarding “The Guaranteed Inflation-Proof Plan” Call Kent or Rosemarie Roduck at 250-334-0707 (Comox Valley Funeral Home Cremation and Reception Centre) or 250- 287-3366 (Island Funeral Services & Elk Falls Cremation Centre) or email

We will set a mutually convenient time aside to answer any questions you may have. We will explain the various funding options best suited for your needs and budget and your wishes will be documented.