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Profile of a Funeral Director –
Rosemarie Roduck

Owner & Funeral Director

Rosemarie has spent her life enjoying constant interaction with people. From her childhood in Winnipeg, to her work in Ontario, to the establishment of Comox Valley Funeral Home in 1992, her life has been focused on helping others.

“People often ask me why I chose this profession,” comments Rosemarie.

“The motivation was that it seemed like a natural course for my life to take.” She has found through helping countless Valley families, at one of the most difficult times of their lives, that they truly appreciate the assistance she provides in creating ways for families to say goodbye in a meaningful way – something that honors a person’s life the way they would have liked to have been remembered.

“It’s truly the last gift of significance that you can give someone; a place and time they can be remembered, acknowledged for what they achieved, and appreciated for how much they gave to others throughout their lives.”

Although the ceremony or gathering of course honors the memory of the person that died, the real purpose is to give family and friends the opportunity to come together to share with each other and have the closure they need.

“Without that, you’ve done nothing” says Rosemarie.

Having lost family members and close friends herself, Rosemarie points out that on a personal level death does not affect a Funeral Director any differently.

“We feel the same hurt, loss, emptiness, just as anyone would. What that provides us with however, is the true empathy to help each family that comes to us in the same way we would wish to be helped.

That’s what our profession is about; that’s what we’re here to do.” Rosemarie and any Comox Valley’s experienced, licenced staff are available to provide answers to your questions, or provide any information you may require at any time, with no obligation.


Arrange to Pre-Arrange

You’re living longer – you’re living better, so why not arrange to pre-arrange and lock in at today’s prices? Our years of experience have taught us that although many people realize that pre-arranging their funeral or cremation is a practical idea, often they’re apprehensive about taking the first step. As much as we understand that, we’ve never had a family regret making the decision. In fact, most families will tell us, “I’m so glad that’s looked after, I feel so much better, now that it’s done.”

Part of the hesitation is not being aware of the many choices families now have to say goodbye to the person who’s died. Many are looking for new ways to “celebrate one’s life,” that are quite different from what their parents chose. Some may want a ceremony with a civil celebrant. If a non – religious service is preferred, the deceased’s favorite music, a display of his or her special possessions that reflect that person’s life and achievements, a video collage with special music, family and friends to share stories and of course a reception with refreshments to follow. For cremation families, perhaps the ceremony will take place at the cemetery where the urn can be buried in ground, place in above ground niche wall or dispersed in a scattering garden, so final closure can take place. Cemeteries aren’t just for caskets anymore! There are far more options than most families realize.

Licensed Funeral Directors provide the expertise to create this “gift of significance” to ensure that family and friends will have a memory that will last a lifetime. You have only one opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of this special person who deserves to be properly honoured at a time and place when all can have the opportunity to say goodbye.

Many people are not aware that in British Columbia, all money for prepayment of funeral arrangements must be placed by the funeral home into a trust or insurance annuity, where the principal accrues growth to offset inflation. The funeral home cannot retain the funds and can only receive them upon providing proof of death to the institution holding them. Your funds are totally protected, and may be withdrawn if necessary or transferred to another location, should you leave the community.

If possible, it’s time well spent to visit with the funeral director prior to requiring his or her services, to share your thoughts and preferences and in turn receive some valuable input and helpful ideas that will make things easier for your family when the time comes. There are many myths and misconceptions about funerals, cremations, and related services. Take the time to get the facts. There is never any obligation and families always make better decisions when they’re better informed!


What is a Service?

As time passes and people’s preferences change, the word “service” has taken on a different meaning. Our life’s experience has shown us that we usually think of a “service” as religious in context, often with a casket present, usually followed by a burial at the cemetery.

The increasing popularity of cremation has many families re-thinking about how to say goodbye and pay their respects to the person who’s died. Yes, the traditional funeral is still the choice of some families, but more and more are choosing the “Celebration of Life” concept, where a Civil Celebrant or Facilitator conducts a non-religious ceremony. Special music that represents the person’s lifestyle is featured; friend and relatives share stories of the person’s life; a video tribute – a time capsule in photographs, with selected songs is featured; a table of personal memorabilia showcases who the deceased was and what he or she loved about life. Then of course the celebration continues with a reception and refreshments where the sharing of more memories takes place.

Comox Valley Funeral Home in Courtenay and Island Funeral Services/Elk Falls Crematorium in Campbell River are cremation specialist who’s license Funeral Directors have years of experience in meeting with families and creating a “Celebration of Life” unique to each individual, which will create memories to last a lifetime.

Simply ask us! We’re pleased to help.


When we choose to have a celebration of life for a family member, what choices do we have and how can you help us decide what we’d like?

The choices are limited to one’s imagination. The most meaningful “Celebrations” reflect what the lifestyle the person lived, their work, their hobbies, their family, and the contributions throughout their lifetime. A “Celebration of Life” is the time for family and friends to tell stories, share memories and create new ones. A time set aside to recognize the person’s accomplishments and pay our respects as both family and society.

As Funeral Service Professionals we have created and designed thousands of such celebrations, and continue to help so many families say goodbye.

  • Who should conduct the Celebration?
  • What music should be included?
  • Will we produce a Video Tribute for you?
  • What refreshments will our caterer provide?
  • What will we include on your memorial tables – urn, photo, floral arrangement?
  • What person items reflecting family and home, career, hobbies, military service, and community involvement shall we set up for guests to view at your celebration?
  • What design of memorial folders will we create for your family and guests – What memorial record book will you choose for guests to sign as a “time capsule”?
  • How will you memorialize at the final resting place? Burial of the urn, placement in an above ground niche, disbursed in a scattering garden?

A simple call to us will answer any of these questions you have, and always with our firms there’s never any pressure or obligation. We feel that informed choices are always better choices. We’re here to create a “Celebration of Life” that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of our years of experience!