1) A reception with refreshments for family and friends to gather following a ceremony is a key part of the healing process; it offers emotional solidarity and support. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “Grief shared is grief dissipated.” It’s true! Because of that, we offer a bright, open, natural environment for casual, relaxed receptions following our ceremonies, making it unnecessary for family and friends to go elsewhere for fellowship. Our homemade presentation of freshly made sandwiches, desserts, specialty vegetables and fruit trays, fresh brewed coffee, chilled juices and premium teas, make it an inviting close to whichever of our ceremonies you select.

2) For some families, viewing is chosen as a matter of course. Yet, some are apprehensive saying they prefer to remember the deceased “as he or she was.” However, the last time you saw the person may not have been a comforting experience. We have found that those who have chosen to view prior to cremation or burial have always been grateful to once again see the person they love privately at peace and looking cared for. Even if only one or two people need this last chance to “say goodbye.” it should be granted. As Funeral Directors, we respect whichever decision a family makes in this regard, but experience has taught us that it’s better to have done it, than to wish you had.

3) If the cremation has already taken place, most often families choose to have the urn present at the ceremony, feeling that it acts as a “focal point” and provides comfort and closure. To have the deceased urn present at his or her own ceremony to many seems logical and natural. Today, urns come in many styles and reflect varied artistic forms, so families can easily find something reflective of their lifestyle, faith or beliefs. Increasing in popularity are “biodegradable” urns for placement on water or for earth burial. Also, small “keepsake” urns are frequently chosen so individuals can keep their own portion for memorialization in whichever way they choose as well as a varied selection of keepsake jewelry to contain a small portion of cremated remains. Should you have at home, cremated remains that you have “not dealt with”, let us know. We’d be please to show you the many options available so you can have final closure.

4) If you want to prearrange services, simply give us a call. We’ll set a mutually convenient time aside to answer any questions you may have. We will explain the various funding options best suited for your needs and budget and your wishes will be documented. Should you choose to prepay, our “The Guaranteed Inflation-Proof Plan”  provides you and your family with peace of mind, knowing that all of the details have been taken care of. We offer a choice of single cash payment or affordable monthly payments. All prepayment funds are deposited and secured with a trust or insurance annuity.

5) When deciding whether services should be non-traditional our philosophy is to make every ceremony unique and creative. When someone we love and care for dies, we need to deal with one of the most important events of our lives. Denying the death or hoping that the less we do, the sooner the feelings will pass, does not make it so. The most important part of our service is the time spent in discussion with the family to learn about the person who’s died and then create a ceremony that is relevant and truly reflects who that person was and how they lived their life. Every life is deserving of acknowledgement of its contributions.

6) The way many people choose to say goodbye is changing. More of the families we serve are asking us to provide a meaningful gathering where they can meet with friends to pay tribute, hear special music, perhaps show a video collage of the person’s life and share memories over refreshments. Our Funeral and Reception Centre is the perfect location, where our expertise ensures that everything will be taken care of. It doesn’t have to be either religious or formal – it can be exactly what you want! Times are changing and we’re here to make sure the time you take to say good bye will reflect the lifestyle of the person who has died and the family and friends who gather for closure.

Ceremonies date back to the beginning of history. A source to provide focus and meaning in our lives. Baptisms, Confirmations, Graduation, Weddings, Birthday, and Anniversaries all serve as benchmarks in our lives. When someone we love dies, a Ceremony to celebrate a life well-lived is indeed the most important of all ceremonies. It not only serves as a mark of respect for the deceased, but it is the one opportunity for family and friends to gather together, begin the grieving process and be provided with closure. This “Celebration of Life” is the last significant gift one can give, not only to the person who has died, but for those who are left behind to deal with the loss.

Although we certainly provide ceremonies that respect and honour one’s faith, we often hear the expression, “Dad wasn’t religious,” indicating that a traditional service was not suitable for him. That does not mean however that his life can’t be celebrated in a way that reflects his lifestyle. The funeral home is not just for “funerals” anymore! Our Funeral and Reception Centre provides the perfect location where family and friends can gather to pay tribute, hear special music, perhaps watch a video collage of his life and share memories over refreshments. Take advantage of our professional expertise to create a meaningful and memorable celebration of Dad’s life – a tribute that will last a lifetime and provide closure to family and friends.

7) One telephone call to us any time of day or night is all that is required when a family member dies. We’ll then see to any immediate requirements and arrange for a time to meet and discuss your wishes. From that point, we look after all details such as time and place for the ceremony, arrange for a facilitator, constructing and placing newspaper notices, planning the reception following and providing you with the necessary documentation to help you deal with estate matters. These and many more details are all looked after as part of the comprehensive service we include so that family does not have to add to their stress by concerning themselves with details. One telephone call is all that is necessary!

Did your mom ever tell you that when she dies she wants the most elaborate funeral service possible? Of course not! Does this mean however, that when the times comes, her lifetime of contributions do not receive proper acknowledgement. of course not! Our experience has shown us that families are grateful for the “Celebration of Life” that we’ve created.  A time where family and friends can gather at our Funeral Home and Reception Centre to pay tribute, hear special music perhaps share a video collage of his or her life and share memories over refreshments. It doesn’t have to be religious or formal; simply a “Gift of Significance” to help provide the closure that family and friends need.

8) Why do people choose viewing prior to cremation or burial?
Psychologist tells us that the viewing is helpful because our natural tendency is to deny death. Seeing is believing, simply telling is not always helpful. Seeing the deceased in the presence of friends and family helps eliminate shock and disbelief, in order for the healing process to being.

9) When you pre-arrange your funeral, do you need to for it all at once?
We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different so we offer payment options;
• Payment in full at the time of pre-arranging which guarantees today’s prices
• Payment by installments over a period of time
• Payment at a later date when funds become available

10) Does your spouse know how you really feel about your funeral? We understand talking about your own ceremony may be uncomfortable for you. But if you don’t talk about it now, your spouse will have to plan it…alone. Many people find peace of mind in planning ahead.

11) Want to know more about the options available to you? We believe one way we can support and serve the community is to let people know that we are available to give free, professional advice on any type of funeral service, cremation or funeral pre-arrangement. Please call about our Inflation Proof Plan and lock in today’s prices.